Tipsy bottle holder

Balancing bottle holder which turns your wine bottle in a decanter

The tipsy bottle holder turns your wine bottle into a balancing sculpture which also serves as decanter by increasing the surface of the wine exposed to the air.

There are many bottle formats and some wineries distinguish themselves by using unusual shapes and sizes, but the tipsy bottle holder, thanks to its flexibility, can hold most standard 0,75 lt. red wine bottles (thin & long bottles which won’t fit are more common amongst white wine).

Technical aspects:

- Suitable for most standard 0,75 lt. red wine bottles

- Width: 25 cm.

- Height: 26,5 cm.

- Deep: 5 cm.

- Weight: 165 gr.

Price: €350,00

Shipping costs:

- Shipping of a single Tipsy Bottle Holder: 

20,00 Swiss francs within Europe

23,00 Swiss francs rest of the world

How to order:

Simply contact us specifying what you would like to order.

Payment through bank transfer (to Germany or Switzerland) or Paypal.

For Paypal payments a transfer fee must be added. Since this commission depends on too many factors for us to calculate it (wether you have a Paypal account, the currency of such account, your country, wether you’ll pay using a credit card…) and therefore we ask you to look for the „received amount after fees“ and/or check which fees will apply in your case here

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