Origami lamp

Adjustable double table lamp

This complex and sculptural lamp design brings together 3D-printed parts and natural wood as well as several cultural references.

Each fanal is a single 3D-printed structure which can be adjusted to open or close at will. This single piece combines the structural properties, the translucency at extremely thin thickness and the flexibility of SLS 3D-printed nylon.

Technical aspects:

- Suitable for G9 lightbulbs

- Height: 61 cm.

- Length: 69 cm.

- Width: 22 cm.

Price: €1.050,00

Shipping costs:

- Shipping of a single Origami Lamp: 

Between 34,00 and 53,00 Swiss francs depending on your country. 

How to order:

Simply contact us specifying what you would like to order.

Payment through bank transfer (to Germany or Switzerland) or Paypal.

For Paypal payments a transfer fee must be added. Since this commission depends on too many factors for us to calculate it (wether you have a Paypal account, the currency of such account, your country, wether you’ll pay using a credit card…) and therefore we ask you to look for the „received amount after fees“ and/or check which fees will apply in your case here

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