3D-printed reinterpretation of the Ukulele

Hybrid project for 3D Music Instruments and Simply D3sign. The Dr.Ukulele is both a beautiful musical instrument and a design object which makes use of 3D-print technologies in order to free a traditional design from the conventional limitations which derive from the traditional production methods.

The name Dr.Ukulele makes reference both to „Dr“ and to „Druck“ („print“, as in 3D-print, in German). The body the instrument is made of one large SLS 3D-printed piece in white plus two additional 3D-printed pieces in colour. The standard ukulele strings (GCEA) are tuned through traditionally-made metal pegs.

The Dr.Ukulele is a concert-sized ukulele calibrated for standard 440-442 Hz. pitch but it can be tuned a half tone higher without any issue.

Hear a Dr.Ukulele!

Frets and bridge are available in eight colours. As you can see by comparing the pictures of a Dr.Ukulele in pink above with the colours below lighting can change the way colours look.









Technical aspects:

- Length: 57 cm.

- Width: 18 cm.

- Deep: 5,5 cm.

- Weight: 540 gr.

Price: €600,00

Shipping costs:

- Shipping of a single Dr.Ukulele: 

26,00 Swiss francs within Europe

33,00 Swiss francs rest of the world

How to order:

Simply contact us specifying what you would like to order.

Payment through bank transfer (to Germany or Switzerland) or Paypal.

For Paypal payments a transfer fee must be added. Since this commission depends on too many factors for us to calculate it (wether you have a Paypal account, the currency of such account, your country, wether you’ll pay using a credit card…) and therefore we ask you to look for the „received amount after fees“ and/or check which fees will apply in your case here

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