Design & 3D-Print

3D-print is an in-development palette of new tools which has already been named by many experts as the next industrial revolution. Nevertheless, even though 3D-print processes have already been integrated in prototyping and very specific areas (such as medical prothesis) the wide commercialisation of end products based in this technology hasn't yet reached the open market. Simply D3sign aims to do this for the design world.

Our vision for the future of design through 3D-print can be summarised in the following three goals:

  • Use of the 3D-print technologies to develop objects which the traditional production methods simply can’t produce. This includes intricate geometries, pre-assembled objects in one piece, objects with complicated inner spaces and objects which merge many pieces and functions into a single structure.
  • Personalised designs and personalised versions of previously developed designs, something which 3D-print allows without the initialisation costs of the traditional mass-production methods and with a greater degree of flexibility.
  • Development of the until now nonexistent "middle range" scale of production. By definition until now every object has been produced individually by hand (with low production numbers and high costs per unit) or through mass-production methods (with very high production numbers, low costs per unit and huge initialisation costs). 3D-print can and should allow the development of a new middle range production scale which can have both the benefits of the personalised hand-made approach and a production line without the huge initialisation costs of the mass-production methods.

This picture shows a flexible 3D-printed lamp with a geometry which could not have been produced through standard production methods and which makes the most efficient use of printing volume, lowering production costs.

Visit our Advantages section to see more examples of some of the possibilities which 3D-modelling and 3D-print can offer for innovative design.

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